Kalau jodoh, takkan ke mana~

Assalamualaikum w. b. t, heyyow! :D

Oh, and hello 2014. I just realised I'm 21 this year! :O
Homaigadd I'm so old yet I don't have a husband :O :O :O
Okay over. 

Tadaa ~ 
So I'm opening my mind in waiting for the right one.. or waiting for the right time.
Its all about timing. 
Segalanya sudah di rancang oleh Allah. So who am I to merungut-rungut? Grr.
Kan kan kan.

Haiyaa. Makin tua asyik ceta sal kawin ja. Bosan lerr~
So now, I'm going to focus on my studies.. Highlight that. 
Aiming GPA atleast 3.3 for this last semester. Insha-Allah boleh.
Cuz I've found my source of strength.
That strength has boost up my energy.
Seriously. It has given me the strength, the spirit to try harder, study harder.
I don't know why, but everytime I think about it, I feel like trying to be better, to study better.

And noww, I'm getting ready for my final exam.
After my finals, I wanna work. Yeay.
Kumpul duit banyak2, beli laptop and simpan sikit for the futureeee~~~
Sebab lepas kawin nanti, banyak barang mo beli. 

Kbye~ Selamat malammmm ;)