I wanna work!

Assalamualaikum W. B. T, hello gais :D

- the sisters :) 

I looked so matured, aren't I? Heh. Muka-muka orang yang bekerja and bukan student kan? Cewah :p

Dari tajuk pun ble tau saya desperate mau kerjaaaa. Eventhough masih diploma and masi ada satu sem lagi, tapi keinginan mau keja sangat tinggi. Uwaa. 

I need money. Duit duit duit. $$$

Mau cari duit sendiri dan beli semua benda yang di ingini tanpa perlu bergantung sangat sama parents. Baru ringan sikit beban dorang. Huhu. 

I've signed up to jobstreet in order to know which job are available. Sebelum ni teda pun keja yang sesuai dengan jiwa sebab hati macam menolak. But then tadi cek email, ada pula yang berkenan di hati. Saya terus apply. Haih. Harap-harap dapatlah. Kerja petang-malam la tapinya. Di Kumon centre nda silap. Berharap dapat tapi ntah la. Berserah dengan Allah. Kalo memang itu sesuai dengan saya, konfomlaa dapat. Hewhew. 

Kalo nda dapat pun ndapa . Cari cari cari lagii uwaa T-T sokayy. Lagipun saya available untuk keja sebulan ja. Sanggup juga keja sampai next sem tapi manada syarikat yang mau terima. Harap-harap kalo dapat pun kumon tu sampai petang ja la. Takut eh balik malam sorang-sorang. Hmm.

Terperasan pula dapat kan. Bahaha. K la. That's ol fer tuhday. Will update shortly. Tata~ :) 

Sweet Victory

Assalamualaikum w. b. t and heyyowww :)
I'm back here at this place to let the memories pour here.
I want this sweet victory remain forever cos its so sweet! Haha

So it has been a long time(again, ) since my last post.
I'm having such a hectic 3 month! Since July til' today.
Busy busy busy! With the roleplay, individual presentation, group presentation and MINI EXHIBITION -- The sweet sweet sweeet victory!

The mini exhibition was a program under our subject; Creative & Critical Thinking (CCT).
It was held on 7 September 2013 at it starts at 9.
It has three categories; Innovation, Design, Invention.
But none of the group/class involved choose invention.
There are about 8 class, 4 from DBS(Dip. Business Studies --Our course), 3 from DIB(Dip. in Banking) and 1 from DBST(Dip. Business Studies-Transport).
Each class has about 3 to 4 and above little groups. For our class, there are 3 groups.
2 of the group chooses design and my group chooses Innovation.
There are about 10 group + chooses design and 15 group plus plus chooses innovation.
A tight competition for us.

Our group made Fruit Kimbab(which is, we think the first one ever in Malaysia --maybe) and also the second innovation, Labu juice. 
We learned how to roll Kimbab from one of our member's aunty. We went there one week before the mini exhibition.
We also buy clothes and other stuff on that time.
We started making the Kimbab one day before the mini exhibition because we're making something with fresh fruits.

On the day we started making it, there are so many trials! 
On the morning, me and Zazah is having a law test. It finished on 11 am. 
My group ask us to buy things on 12, but my car is used and Zazah's is having a few family business.
So half of them went to 1 Borneo to buy the things, meanwhile me and Zazah wait for our car and we went to Thaiseng( Nda ingat apa, yang penting ada Thai-thai. Lol.), then we went to the market to buy fruits! Hehe.
After that, we picked up our groups at 1B then we went to the exhibition hall used to decorate our table. - This is where the whole problems started.
We already choose our place, and we already designed how much and how we arrange the tables.
Sudden change, the place that we already picked is for design so we had to change place. And the limit of table is only two! Urgh. So we change our table to a very nonstrategic place.
After that, we put on the table punya lapik and chaww!

I borrowed Mr. A's car for sending half of my groups to the hostel and Zazah uses my car to send half of them.
We wait them to pack their stuffs.
One of our group member named Aziey broke her room key and this is a major problem!
The stuff that is in her room is a very important one!
So we went to the guard to ask for their help. They said we have to wait for 30 minutes plus for them to repair the door. 
I was in a rush to go back home cos my family is having a dinner with our family from Sarawak. 
So we send them to one of our classmates house to make labu juice. Me and Zazah went back home preparing some things and Zazah went to buy fruits that we didn't buy at the market.
I finished dinner at 11.30 and rushed pack my things and the things needed. At 12, we arrived at the hostel to pick up Aziey. -- One of the memories we can't forgot.

After that we went to our classmates house to pick up half of our members and went to UCA 2, Zazah's sister house. 
We arrived there at 1, and we directly cut the fruits.
One more problem, we forget the rice-- this is due to miss-communication.
So me and Zazah went to my house at 1.30 am to get the rice and buy some ice at 7E.
We arrived at UCA 2 at 2 am, and cooked the rice and continued cutting the fruits.
At 2.30 or almost 3, the rice is cooked and we started rolling.
Roll roll roll. Suddenly, me and Atiqah ter'sleep'. Cewah.
Dan terlajak tidur. We're supposed to woke up at 5.30, but we woke up on 6.30 am!
Me and Zazah rushed home, getting ready and went back to UCA 2 at 7.30am.
We're supposed to be at the hall at 7.30 am, the exhibition starts at 9.
We arrived at the hall on 8.30 at rushed preparing everything on the table!

When the exhibition started, there are many of the contestant went to our table to have a taste of our Kimbab. We called our Kimbab "Chego Kimbab".
Some of them buy the kimbab. We sell them at the mini exhibition :p
Rm 3.50 for 5, RM 6 for 10. The labu juice was a complimentary drink. It really taste delicious!
When the judges arrived at our table, we gave them a taste of our kimbab and the labu juice.
We also give them a demo on how to make the kimbab.
We feel very nervous as the judges look not really interested with what we've done.
Sedih la juga sikit cos we gave a lot of effort for this. We even buy the same clothes for our group!
And we spend almost RM250 ++ for this.

So, the announcement of winners is there -- Dupdab....
First one is the saguhati, we listen to it carefully. With a nervous feeling!
We listen to it til -- "the best group presentation are..."
Our group is not listed for saguhati, we becomed very nervous!
We also didn't won the best group presentation.
Honestly, my heart beats like crazy! Sweat started to come down..
The winner for number 3 is announced -- not us.
The winner for number 2.. -- Not us.
We're all like, "could it be us?", and "Maybe group lain..?"

"Amigo" is announced for getting the first prize!
We screamed loudly as we didn't expect to win!
We are super duper happy with our achievement!
Seriously happy!! Haha.
Macam mau putar masa balik, not at the point of stress, but at the point of the announcement of winners.
The sweet victory eventhough we had a tight competition.

Frankly speaking, I know all of us is stressed with one another.
And I really feel that I am the less one doing work, just drive here and there, helped to cut fruit and cut the wrapper, helped to cook rice -- that's all. 
But I am really grateful to have them as my team. It is a really sweet memory!

So here we are :-

Our prize ! :D

Our group is in pink! :p

Half of our kimbab. Hehe

Well, thats all. A hectic month it is.
Test and quiz and presentation urgh! 
Tapi sudah namanya student, apa boleh buat. T-T

Okay, bubye :>