Nikah Khitbah vs. Tunang

Assalamualaikum w. b. t dan salam sejahtera :)

Today's topic, which I copied from Teme's blog ( u can see the link at the bottom ) : Nikah khitbah vs. Tunang. What is it the advantage of nikah khitbah? what is actually nikah khitbah is about? Well, the explanations for it is here ( its more to drawing so don't worry about reading a loooong writing cause its not ). hehe. So here it is:

tajuk kali ini ialah TUNANG(adat) VS NIKAH KHITBAH(nikah gantung)

  • akad nikah dilakukan ketika menyatakan hasrat kpd keluarga wanita (sah suami isteri)
  • sah hubungan suami isteri tetapi tidak duduk bersama kerana belum bersedia(belajar, cari wang yg mencukupi, etc)
  • bila dah bersedia, walimatul urus (kenduri persandingan) diadakan dan boleh duduk bersama
  • IMPORTANT FOR MEN (kenduri sekali je ;P , selamatttt)

  • menyatakan hasrat kpd keluarga wanita, dan bertunang (hubungan bayangan)
  • masih tidak sah hubungan suami isteri dan tidak duduk bersama
  • bila dah bersedia, buat majlis akad nikah, buat walimatul urus, dan boleh duduk bersama apabila sudah sah hubungagn suami isteri.
  • IMPORTANT FOR MEN (kenduri 3 KALI PALING KURANG, amik kaw..)

tp penyakit GATAL ni tak salah kalau disalurkan dengan cara yg betul.. contohnya..



dan yang paling best...

Hadis Rasulullah (saw)
"wahai pemuda pemudi, brgsiapa di antara kamu yg mampu berkahwin, kahwinlah kamu kerana dengannya mampu menjaga pandangan serta kemaluan kamu. Tapi.... Kalau kamu tidak mampu, maka berpuasalah"

errrrr... teme hanye share maklumat... tiada niat terselindung

PSS : bertunang tak salah.. tp jgn "OVER".. silap pada masyarakat kita ialah, kita jadikan pertunangan tu sebagai "LESEN" utk lakukan maksiat... renung2kan... wallhualam~~

Adapted fully from Teme's blog.

So what you guys think? :) Nikah khitbah is better right? I mean for students.. Boleh elak maksiat, buat apapa pun boleh. berdua-dua pun boleh, xda yang kesah. But then, its kinda hard to do it here ( in Malaysia ) cause people are still narrow minded.. I mean, not many of them do this. And even if we ask our parents for this, the percentage of them accepting is really small. Eventhough its like, belum sampai masa, but then if it is DESTINY to be together, I'm sure the NIKAH will be forever til' jannah. If only every parents know about this, I'm sure those zina2 thingy dalam kalangan budak remaja and student akan berkurang. Ye dok? (ya, ya!) ofcourse yes. 

Lagipun bila nikah, separuh dari tugasan kita sebagai islam kita dah sempurnakan. Senang kan ? I wishh.... ;/

Alright, that's all. Will update soon. Insyaallah. :)

Double trouble.

Assalamualaikum w. b. t and hello there !

The topic of this entry is obviously from Top and G-Dragon's song title. Blahhh, dunno why their song stuck in my head. Double double, double trouble lalalala ~

It's been a while since my last post right? I'm not really into blogging these days. I don't know why. Maybe its because that I don't have much privacy than before. Ever since I entered University life, I've got no interest in writing. Or maybe I had, but those blog is gone. I can't read nor remember anything that has happened in my life before. Heh, pretty much most of em I don't remember. And I don't even want to remember it.

It's not that I hate everything in my past. No. I'm just ashamed for everything that I've did in the past and I felt sorry for myself. Pity me~ You know, as day past by, I'm starting to love my life. It's not that I hate my life before, it's just that I never been satisfied with anything that I've done. Loving yourself is the first key to be happy. I had to appreciate and love myself more than ever. I need to be confident, I need to be brave, I need to be strong, I need to be patient. I know, I had to be that way. That's how humans should be. Its not that I'm saying I'm an alien. Haha, no. I just, I don't know. I never really accomplish anything great in my life, except for having a driver's license without having to repeat anything. Haha. Well, I don't know. I'm not a loser. I have wonderful family, friends and 'special friend'.

I know, I have to be grateful in anything I have. I'm trying to, and still trying. I'm not perfect. I will never be perfect. That's how human is. Yeah, human people manusia orang. Not animals haiwan creatures monster serangga cicak lizard eww. Back to the main thing, err... I'm actually in the process of changing myself to a better person. But I don't want to do it drastically, I wanna do it slowly. I've tried to change, and it was so drastic til' it didn't and can't last for even a month! See. Manusia memerlukan 40 hari untuk tanam tabiat baru dalam diri. So, I'll try to be like this for 40 days. And when I'm ready, I'll try to change more and more and more. Change is good. It gives satisfaction to us. As we change to a better person, our environment will also change. I know that. Its from ourselves either to transform fully til the environment changes or to bring the environment change with us.

I've made a lot of mistakes before. I once has this bestfriend that I love the most. She's very pretty and very nice towards her friends, parents and siblings. I've been friends with her since in form 1. But one mistake that I did when I was in form 5; I wanted to change, I wanted to be close to Allah, I wanted to get away from all the sins that I've made. I started to live in hostel. I started to be friends with people whom I know can make me better and can remind me about any wrong that I've made. One thing that was wrong is that I didn't bring her together with me. I do it alone. I abandoned her. I've noticed that she treated me not like she used to. I realized about that. I've apologies to them, they accept but I know I can't go back and expecting them to treat me well like they used to. I was wrong. I love her as my bestfriend. She's the most amazing friend that I've ever had. She understands me a lot more than anyone does and none of my secrets she didn't know. I miss her a lot. We are still in the same U, but in different course and different semester. I regret for what I've done. Abandoned her for being better. That is not how we treat our bestfriend. But then, what more can I do? I'm the one who makes them feel uncomfortable with me. I'm the one who makes them not trusting me. No matter how sorry I am, I can't change my past. Rizwana and Ellinna, I'm sorry :(

I've lost friendship twice. The first one happened when we're in form 4. We have this one geng called Kawa-E. I know, its childish. But hey, we're friends since in form 2. I love how our friendship were. Eventhough sometimes we don't like each other. But that's normal. That is what friendship is about. I think the main reason why they left because of me. I'm so inlove(bwuekkk - muntah =,= ) with this jerk, until I forget about them. There's only one of my bestfriend stay with me cause we're in the same taught. Moreover, 4 of them started to be friends with this one geng. We were once like enemy with them but suddenly that happened. And people from that geng also left that geng and be with me and my bestfriend. Weird but true. Geng bukan macam gangstar tu ah. Kami budak baik dan comel. Hahaha. But then , I still regret for what has happened. If we stayed and tried to be friends with the other geng, maybe me and my bestfriend will still be together with them. Really , I miss them so much. Rizwana, Rika, Puteri, Nisa and Ema. I miss you guys. Eveything has changed. I know. But I will never forget our friendship no matter how bad you guys think it was. I still love you guys no matter how enemies we were in form 5. I still remember the hugs you guys gave when I was so down, when I was crying because of that stupid jerk. I still remember how caring you guys were when I was being hurt by that jerk. How understanding and how you guys tried to make me forget about that jerk. I was too selfish. I only think about how I felt. About what I lost. I never think of what I will lost; you guys. I never appreciate our friendship. I really miss us. Even when we're apart in form 5, I never forgot about our friendship. Never. I never did realize about all of this til now. I was unmatured back then, I'm not that great in friendship. I'm sorry girls :( I don't know if any of you guys will read this. A piece of mind that suddenly pops in my head. Sincerely from my heart. Please, don't cry guys :p haha.

And so my life starts again when I started to enter the University. Many things happened since I'm in semester 1. I have these 2 new bestfriends; Syasya and Zazah. And basically I've been named to fafa =,= haha. Itupun oleh lecturer account kami. Lol. Actually, on the first year, there was four of us. But then things happened, as usual, and then its left to 3 of us. We still love the other one but what can we do. We are still friends with her but not as much as when we're in semester 1. Lots of things happened. It made me think a lot. A lot. And I was being so judgmental and so, I can't be satisfied in anything. I'm trying to change, I'm taking baby steps. Still, I'm grateful for what life has bring me to. I'm grateful for all the things that Allah has given to me. I'm thankful to have such a beautiful memories, and guide in living. I will not do the same mistake like I did before. I will cherish everything that comes in life. I'll try. InsyaAllah.

That's all from me. Goodluck in your life, may Allah bless you guys :)

Love, Fafa.