Monday Morninggg

Assalamualaikum w. b. t , and a very good morning to you! Yes, you! :)

So tohday is like theeee 2nd or 3rd week of my hohlihdayhhh! And I'm so bored. With this senggugut yang suddenly datang menyerang semalam and berterusan sampai hari ini, huh. What a day. But Alhamdulillah, sakit kan penghapus dosaaa :))
I want to drink nescafe threee in oneee yang panasss but then teringat pasal senggugut nih. Then dengan terpaksanya tangan ini mengambil Cereal Spirulinaaa . This is the cereal:

Hoho. Well I dont know if its good or not but then it contains oat which I know is good for our body. Plus, it has spirulina in it. So, I make this one. Nyum nyumm.

Err. Today's schedule, jam12.30 pegi amik adik di SK Mutiara then hantar sorang lagi adik pegi SMKAKK. After that pegi bank Islam dekat alamesra maybe then bank in duit p bank islam( gara-gara phone nih -.-) 
Found this one karaoke application in iPhone named STARMAKER. I downloaded it and me and my siblings got a little bit carried away by this application until one day, I purchased the VIP subscription for $1.99 that is RM6 plus plus in ringgit. But then I forgotten that I have noooo money in that account. So this Starmaker keeps pausing everything that I have downloaded. And I can't even update any of my application because of the billing problem. Huh! 

So dengan terpaksanya lah, ceh, I'll go to bank islam today and bank in the amount of money needed. Muehehe. 

Okeh, that's all for this entry and shortttt update. See u ols latehh. Buhbyee :))


Assalamualaikum :)

Tengah study eco tiba-tiba..

Ceh. Haha. Bigbang T.O.P , cute kan ? ekeke :3

Inspired to make a research of this bigbang group member because of the song : Monster.
I don't know why but I like that song so I search its meaning on youtube.
And the meaning of each lyric of the song is kinda sweet. Hoho.
Then I started on listening to their other songs. 
And all of it kinda makes my heart melt. Ceh :p

So then I searched for their pictures in Weheartit and google :) 
So this is what I get:

This is TOP or his full name Choi Seung-Hyun. His birthday is on November 4, 1987.
For me, he is the most cutest member in Bigbang. Keke :p

This is Taeyang, full name Dong Young-Bae born on May 18, 1988. 
He's kinda cute too.

This is G-Dragon, his full name Kwon Ji-yong. Born on August 18, 1988. 
Err, this is not so like his face cause the one that I found a few days ago is kinda different but nvermindd ~

This is Daesung, full name Kang Dae-Sung. Born on April 26, 1989.
His smile is cute.

And the last one is Seungri, full name Lee Seung-Hyun born on December 12, 1990.
He's kinda cute too.

Overall, most of the members of Bigbang is cute and AWESOME! Haha.
Getting addicted to them. Ohno :O
But there's one thing, I got their information from here.
So I'm not sure if its true or not cause I'm not good at making research.


This is the picture of all of them :)

Okay, that's all for today's update :)
See you soon.
Going back to study my favourite subject! Hohoho.

Thanks for reading. Bubyee :D

Final again!

Assalamualaikum w.b.t !
So final exam is around the corner one more time. Eh, not around the corner.. It is in the corner ! :O

Err today is the day. 1st exam begins with the most hardest test everrrr; BEL311. Have to make an essay with 300-400 words and we have to conclude any citations in it! Oh godddd! ;O

My OGA is average and I dont think I can get an A ;( all this time I consider this subject as the most easiest subject ever but then I'm so surprise with the grades that I got for this subject. Its this for real? I thought it wAs easy as it is english. I never failed any of my english exams and I will always get a B and not less than that.

Maybe I'm so confident, that's why it ended up like that. Right? So for the first time in life I studied for this subject.

Go fafa! You can do ittt! ;D

3 pointer is the aim. Insyaallah ;)) pray for me keh? Thanks.