Assalamualaikum w. b. t :)

See that picture and title above? Do you see it? You do? You sure? Okay.

I'm not actually that bored. I'm sleepy yet I can't sleep :/
My tummy hurts. And I'm kinda hungry. ( seriously farah, hungry?)
Although we've been to 5 open house today, I'm still hungry! 
Well, frankly speaking, on the 5 houses that we went, I skip eating on three of the houses.
And I dont know which house that I wrongly eat in. Hm ~

Tomorrow, we're going to have an open house :)
Wanna come? I'll send my private jet to pick you all kays? Ceh. Berangan. Hahaha

Err. I've changed this blog clothes once again. ( if you notice it. I'm not a very noticeable person, I know that. Hah.)
I've tried to make my own blog clothes like I did on my ex-blogs(blog lama; bekas blog not ex=boyfriend's blog kayss) but I failed.
I give up too early cause my head hurts. Penings penings. Tak cukup tidur.

Andd. hm. I've got a lot of assignment to do. Ohmygodd! 
I almost forget about that -,-
After this break, we're going to have a common statistic test plus arab test.
Gosh! I give up in taking arab! I don't know why.
I've not come to arab class for 3 days in a row! Mygoddd.
( Bukan sengaja tapi TER T-T )
Everytime I went to that class, I feel like I've been left out.
There's currently like 40 or 50 something people in one class.
It's crowded. So crowded. I wanna change class.
I want to so much! I dont want to repeat any subject.
No, I cant repeat. So, like it or not, I HAVE to take that subject.
Goshhhh. Thinking bout it makes me crazy.
I know I'm not a good student. Tolong jangan contohi saya. Makasih xx.

So, that's all.
Thank you very much for reading this lame-me-ishh post :p
Bubye peeps :D 
May you have a bless RAMADHAN ! ;]

Both of us

Assalamualaikum w. b. t :)

Both of us - the official title for this blog. I know its not that creative. I got it from Taylor's song title. Heh. I'm not creative in finding a creative title for this creative blog. Kehkeh.
I've got a lot of blog. Really, I have. I love creating blog. And when something happen, I'll just delete it. Simple right? -.-

Like seriously, I love my old blog. Those blog with full of memories that I, myself could not remember about anything that happened on that particular date.
Most importantly, the previous previous previous blog that I've deleted had the date when HE first called me and the date where WE both talk to each other after texting for a long period of time.

But its alright. Really it is -,- 

Gosh. I just love my old blog so much! But then it gives me so many problems that I can't handle. So, deleting it is much better than fighting for it -___- so yeah.

So now, its time to introduce myself.

My name is Farah, my bestfriends in highschool call me Far or Farah. My bestie in UiTM call me Fafa. My friends in UiTM call me Fafa. So yeah, you may call me fafa or farah. Any way that you prefer. 
I'm going to be 19 this year on October. Practically I'll be older day by day, year by year and I can't accept that fact. So lets just say that I'm 18 okay? But hey, my birthday doesnt passed yet, so I'm officially 18 -,- mueheheheh.

I'm a business student and yeah, I love money. HAHAH. ( please ignore ). I'm taken, which is in a relationship with this cute charming guy. I've met his parents and his siblings and his parents know me well. He was once (or twice) scolded by his parents because of abandoning me. Muahaha. One thing that I like about him the most is his willingness and determination to bring me to met his parents on our second date or something. And I like how he treat and advice me on things. He's not like any other guy that I've been with. He has a good relationship with his parents and siblings and he always put his parents first especially his mother. Eventhough we had this something planned for ages, he still makes his mother as the most priority one. And I like it. The thing that makes me liking him more is his advice when I was having a fight with my mum, dad, sisters and brother. He will not agree with anything that I said and he's always on my parents side. That's why I like him. He's different. Not like any other guy that I've met before. But then, JODOH di tangan tuhan. I can't put my hopes high because we planned, but HE (Allah) is the best planner. InsyaAllah :)

Er then what more. oh . I have a great family. I am the second daughter in my family. I have an amazing father and an adorable mother. I've learned to appreciate, to take care, to respect, to give my best to my parents because of him also. And that's a positive relationship right? I have a beautiful sister and she's already taken. She's 20. yeah, one year older than I am. I have 4 sister bawahan and 1 brother bawahan. Haha. And I have one cute sister and she's turning 4 next year. hoho.

I will be married on.... opps! typing error -,-

Well then, I guess that's all from me. Anything curious just ask :) 
Oh, by the way, thanks for spending your time reading this lame-me-ishhh post. Love ya.
Bye ;) Xo.